SNOWGASM: I can hear the shrieking of little kids playing in the snow outside. Walk around, break out the sleds, build snow-figures, and throw fluffy snowballs at random passersby. Don't drive if you can avoid it. A Lake Stevens man died in a crash last night.

2,370 Homeless Students in Seattle Schools: That's 26 percent more than last year. Thanks to donations—including one from a Seahawks player—15 of those kids who were living in a homeless encampment have found shelter. But "it was shocking that in a city as rich as Seattle we had kids living in a dirt camp, in winter, right in the middle of town."

Texas Is Going Democratic: And Senator Rand Paul wants the Republican party to reach out to Latinos and the working class before it's too late. Good luck with that, Rand.

Time Is Money: Time banks "treat time as a currency; in place of money, members earn, accumulate and spend time credits," and they're growing in the wake of the recession. Looks like we have a few in Seattle. I had never heard of this.

Justice Long Denied: The owners of the Tazreen clothing factory in Bangladesh—which collapsed in a blaze more than a year ago—were denied bail and are finally being charged with homicide.

Analysis Finds Chicago Police Ten Times More Likely to Shoot Blacks Than Whites: “In black and Latino, lower-income neighborhoods you will see police officers who are instructed to stop and frisk and aggressively search every day,” the study's author says.

Bill Gates On Politics: If you can't fight it, buy it.

This looks a bit terrifying but also terribly fun!