This is the hanger steak (red cow, get it?).
  • This is the hanger steak ("red cow," get it?).

Militant vegans, prepare your wrath... Remember Cremant, June, and/or Restaurant Bea? Now Red Cow, Ethan Stowell's French brasserie, is open in the (great) Roy McMakin–designed space. The specialty of the house is steak frites, with six cuts of beef (from hanger to a big ol' bone-in ribeye for two) and four classic sauces (bearnaise, compound butter, red-wine reduction, and horseradish cream) available (how to choose?!). The chef is Thom Koschwanez, a Chicago native who was previously a sous chef at the James Beard–awarded Central Michel Richard in DC. (Coming soon to share the space: a separate Stowell spot called Noyer, a small-size redux of his original, haute, marvelous Union.)

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Also, according to Eater Seattle, the maker-of-and-savior-from hangovers Nacho Borracho opens this weekend on Broadway.

And here are 14 more new Seattle restaurants... I kid you not.

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