Yeah, I suppose the real story here is that conservative Republicans are removing their names from the website of the state senate's so-called "Majority Coalition Caucus," outraged that leadership permitted a vote on allowing immigrant children to qualify for college financial aid. That's how bitterly mean-spirited these people are. Sheesh.

But also, could reporters please stop referring to Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon as "Democrats"? They've both betrayed the party, and have been expelled from the Democratic caucus. They are not members of the Democratic Party in any real or tangible way. And it is both misleading to readers—and defamatory to real Democrats—to continue to imply otherwise.

I've got an actual card in my wallet declaring me a member of the King County Republican Party (thanks to my mocking participation in the 2012 GOP presidential caucus), but it would be an absolute lie for anybody to call me a Republican. And I presume, an insult to real Republicans. The same is true of this bullshit fiction that Tom and Sheldon are Democrats.

So, seriously, journalism, stop it! You're only making yourself look stupid.