Remember that coalition of home, yacht, and business owners upset about losing their parking spots as the city builds a cycletrack (protected two-way bike pathway) along the Westlake corridor between South Lake Union and Fremont?

They've dropped the lawsuit they filed against Seattle's comprehensive Bike Master Plan. The latest version of the plan, which council members expected to vote on this month, had been put on hold until a May hearing due to the group's appeal. With the lawsuit out of the way, now it can move ahead on schedule. Hooray!

Mayor Murray seems to have convinced them to drop the suit—"staffers said the mayor’s office quickly started meeting with the group to find a settlement" after taking office, Seattle Bike Blog reports—in exchange for increased consultation through the formation of a design advisory committee. “With the appeal now behind us, I look forward to working with the City Council as it moves to adopt the Bicycle Master Plan in the near future,” Murray says in a statement.

Who's on the design advisory committee has yet to be determined, Cascade Bicycle Club's Thomas Goldstein tells me, but he's assuming it will be a mix that includes bicycling advocates and members of the Westlake group. I asked the mayor's office this afternoon to explain who's on the committee and what powers the body will have, but haven't heard back yet—I'll update this post as soon as I learn more.

Update: Mayoral spokesperson Rosalind Brazel says of the committee members: "The plan is to have them in place in the next couple weeks...They are advisory—they will not decide or vote on the final design. They will vet the final design options."