DIRTY BIRD She is a promise.
  • Photo by Russel Daniels
  • DIRTY BIRD She is a promise.

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I Own Me is an eye-popping multimedia performance spectacle featuring Jeppa Hall as Queen Shmooquan—the master shape-shifter, joyful healer, public flailer, shouter of prophetic messages, owner of vast ambitions, singer of quavery spirituals, and seller of retail products from her lifestyles and services line. It's happening March 14 and 15 at Velocity Dance Center—what's on the agenda? Strength-building exercises, hallucinatory images rippling hypnotically on-screen, spastic dance numbers, trippy hippie folk jams, and so much dazzling costumery. Faux-leather Jim-Morrison-style low-rise hipsters made of white plastic Wonder Bread bags are in development for the show, Jeppa says, but watch for beloved standbys: the dirty velvet capes aswirl, the shimmery magenta skivvies, the Evel-Knievel-inspired stars and stripes and retro-sporty glitziness.


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