TRUE DETECTIVE Starring Motherfreaking McConaughey!
  • TRUE DETECTIVE Starring Motherfreaking McConaughey!

That's but one of Wm. Steven Humphrey's reasons for loving Matthew McConaughey, a state of being he explains in this week's I Love Television:

GUYS—yeah, you, dick bone—you simply MUST check out Motherfreaking McConaughey in what might be THE best acting I've ever seen in a TV series: as troubled cop Rustin Cohle in HBO's True Detective (Sundays, 9 pm).

The show revolves around two Louisiana detectives (Motherfreaking McConaughey, along with the also-great Woody Harrelson) and their hunt for a creepy serial killer. The show hops through time, from 1995 (when the men are going to extreme lengths to crack the case), to the present day (when they're being questioned about their questionable actions). Motherfreaking McConaughey's character is a revelation, a deeply troubled and wounded detective whose past life as a drug-abusing undercover cop haunts his present, alienating him from his partner—and making everyone suspect he has a little too much in common with the evil he's pursuing.

Wanna learn more? Then watch the amazing Matthew Motherfreaking McConaughey on this week's installment of Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, Thurs Feb 20, 8 pm)! He'll be discussing his many roles—both great and terrible—as well as his love for rescuing helpless animals, and if we're lucky? He'll take his pants off and play some bongos. (Be prepared to fall in love, dick bone!)

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