I Have No Good Reason to Post This...


City life done made you soft...
A country man could kill that [bear|email inbox] with a reg'lar knife!
The Edge is a really underrated film. If you combine this with The Grey, what other film would you need for a crazy Hemingwayesque trilogy of man versus nature?
@2 that Robert Redford one that just came out? I can't remember the name but it was about an old man and the sea.
I think 'the edge' is indeed an underappreciated movie but nevertheless slightly and uniformly bested by 'ravenous' a scant few years later
4, no way is Ravenous on the same level as The Edge. It's not that R is a bad movie, it's great entertainment. But TE has a lot of meat to it, far more than at first sitting.
should have been called "bear in mind." it was a good film, and hopkins carried it, the man who "rose above" and did so convincingly.
"The Edge" is a ridiculous mutt of a movie. I can't even remember what it was now, but I walked out of the theatre thinking 'that made no sense at all'.