FROZEN Just two of the films many CGI pawns of the Gay Agenda.
  • FROZEN Just two of the film's many CGI pawns of the Gay Agenda.

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Thanks to her goddamned grandkids, a Mormon grandma has been made to repeatedly watch Disney's Frozen, and she's not happy about what she's found. From her 3,700-word treatise at A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman:

The gay agenda to normalize homosexuality is woven into Disney's movie Frozen not just as an underlying message—it is the movie. In a liberal culture tenacious at normalizing immorality, stripping those of faith from their ability to speak out in opposition, this needs to be taken seriously. It's one thing that we've all donated to the cause by making Frozen a record-breaking hit at the box office (myself included), but that's as far it's going, for me, personally.

In the making of Disney's movie, Frozen, it is apparent that the very best talent, within the industry, was called upon for every facet of producing and bringing it to the big screen: illustrators; animators; writers; composers; singing artist; actors; etc., in order to woo its intended audience, parents, into a frozen-state, which would then allow liberalism to indoctrinate children.

Read the whole extensive and amazing thing here.

(And if you'd like more thoughts on Frozen, here's a piece from Glenn Beck's The Blaze praising Frozen as "the most Christian movie of the year," and here's Slate's (wonderful) movie critic Dana Stevens holding forth on the Frozen moment that creeps her out.)

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