City council members Sally Bagshaw, Larry Phillips, Kshama Sawant, joined legislators Reuven Carlyle, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, and Gael Tarleton in writing a letter to superintendent José Banda and Flip Herndon asking for more time to move the Northwest Center Kids school to a new location.

If the Northwest Center Kids' teachers weren't doing this work, the responsibility would fall on the Seattle Public Schools when the children enter kindergarten. We know this is an option the SPS is not prepared to address.

The Northwest Center Kids school prepares students with physical and developmental disabilities to not only take part in, but be successful when they enter the Seattle school system. They're youngest student is merely weeks old, and the Northwest Center works hard to address the needs of pre-k students who literally have nowhere else to go, since Seattle Public Schools cannot do the job of educating students that young, particularly those with special needs. In a time when the city is discussing universal pre-k, shouldn't they be considering the Northwest Center as a school to emulate?

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