Lunchtime Quickie: KING 5 News "Honors" a Well-Known Heroin Addict


There is nothing about this that makes any sense. Some dude from North Carolina decided to have a pit stop and is somehow a part of this? Fucking embarrassing.
Well, it IS Aberdeen - surprised the statue wasn't cut from an old tree stump with a chainsaw.
That is a pretty ugly statue, but not as ugly as the way they introduced the story. What a bunch of assholes.
"...not exactly George Washington" No, he didn't own other human beings. Assholes. This is why I turn off the news.
Stay classy, King5. It's gripping reporting like this that really nabs that younger demographic you're going for...

wait wait wait. that guy is a doctor? now?
That is one of the most perfect examples of backwater network affiliate "journalism" I've ever seen. I'd expect that of NBC's North Platte, NE affiliate, not Seattle!

And for all that is holy, someone please destroy that statue before Zombie Kurt rises from his grave to do it himself.
I don't mind anything about this.
Yes indeed, how can anyone, especially in the news media, dare lift the veil on accepted mythology.
I can't help thinking he'd get a kick out of these people acting just as dumb as he would've expected them to.
12… Sure looks like the Cobain memorial is the top attraction.
What terrible people we have in our local TV "journalists." This is how the establishment (lower case) edits history.
This whole affair is just sad.
@ 10 - Right, because the very most important number one thing to know and remember about the entire life and impact of Kurt Cobain was that he used heroin. (As opposed to all the other music and arts celebrities all throughout the world forever and ever amen.)

The introduction to the story about him being a well-known heroin addict just sounds silly and out of place, not to mention unnecessarily cutting.
The Horror, the Horror ..
No one introduces Philip Seymour Hoffman this same way....

Actors vs. musicians?
This is shameful. Kurt Cobain brought joy to millions of people. He made outcasts feel more self-worth, championed LGBT rights, made sexism in popular music profoundly uncool, and, most importantly, created beautiful art. The Pacific Northwest should be nothing but honored to be known as his home.
That's hilarious. (Probably not the impact they were reaching for)
Everyone knows that Cobain represents the death of lesser Seattle and the Stanger pisses on his grave everyday while reaping the rewards of his work.
That is the most butt ugly statue I have ever seen.

If I ever need a doctor in N. Carolina, I think I will head to Virginia.

Did they mention that Cobain was a heroin addict who shot himself? Incessantly! King 5 and their bush league "journalism" is embarrassing to the region.

The artist is not the art..
Krist Novoselic vowed to tear down a statue once before, I kinda hope he follows through. But part of me thinks Aberdeen deserves that hilariously shitty statue...
"...who's a DOCTOR now..."
Oh my God, some doctors have once listened to Nirvana?? Fuck this, I'm never going to the doctor again. I just can't take that chance.
I suppose I shouldn't be as astonished as I am, but I honestly can't believe how callous and unaware this news report is. Really shameful stuff from KING5.

I've been saying for years that Seattle should have a statue of Cobain. It's idiotic that all we have is an old park bench for fans to visit and, uh, draw on. There needs to be something permanent in this city to honor the artist who made a lot of his great music here.
And that's why Kurt Cobain hated Aberdeen - and he would rage against this idiotic statue. (He might even be angry enough to pump out a dozen songs.) As a huge Nirvana fan, I will never stop at Aberdeen. Parasitic blockheads.
@25 Except that he didn't make most of his music in Seattle. He wrote most of Nevermind while he lived in Olympia (and maybe Tacoma?). Same with Bleach, I'm pretty sure. Bleach was recorded at Jack Endino's studio, which I guess was in Seattle, but Nevermind was recorded near L.A. and In Utero was recorded in Minnesota out in the middle of nowhere. He lived in L.A. for a while after he got famous and only lived in Seattle for a couple years after his fame. It would be a stretch to describe Nirvana as a Seattle band, a stretch many, in their ignorance (such as in the local news), are willing to take.

It's just like the way people say The Melvins are a Northwest band when, as far as I know, they've been living in L.A., or at least out of the Northwest, for a very, very long time, definitely most of their career.
@27 I know all of that. I think most people who were alive at the time know all of that. But he lived here when he was celebrity-famous and he died here. From about 92-94, Nirvana and their hangers-on were all over Capitol Hill—I waited on them a number of times. People still visit that crappy park bench to try and forge some connection with him after 20 freaking years. For better or worse, Nirvana is considered as a Seattle band. I don't think it would be weird at all to have a memorial to him in this town.

I also know that Kurt would think all of this is incredibly stupid. He'd probably love the awful KING-5 piece! But memorials are for the living.

The Melvins are an L.A. band. But I think it's kind of nice when people or towns want to hold onto artists as their own. It doesn't bother me when people are proud of the band's Seattle roots.
Way to gratuitously dehumanize people who struggle with heroin addiction, KOMO. Local news sucks.
Well, it's factual.