... And so can the Seattle Times editorial board:

NO grumbling or muttering is allowed or appropriate. Lingering hard feelings over labor politics between Boeing and the Machinists union must yield to a golden reality.

First the extremely profitable Boeing extorted billions in additional tax breaks from the state at a time we're failing to meet a court order to adequately fund K-12 schools, and then it extorted humiliating contract concessions out of its union machinists—the source of the company's profits—at the threat of moving their jobs out of state. And "no grumbling or muttering is allowed or appropriate"...? You gotta be fucking kidding me!

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Great. The jobs are staying in the region. Good for the workers. And good for Boeing, which won't lose money on planes built here the way it loses money on planes built in non-union South Carolina. But honestly, fuck 'em. Boeing management should have to work hard to win back the trust and loyalty of the best aerospace workforce in the world.

No, what would really be inappropriate here is silence. For it is the refusal to express righteous outrage at the outrageous that lays the groundwork for its repetition.

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