SO AFFORDABLE And it works so well.
  • SO AFFORDABLE And it works so well.

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Holy fuck, Horse Fat shampoo is a thing that exists! Find it at Daiso Japan, the import chain with amazingly cheap prices, located in the International District and downtown's Westlake Center. Daiso carries the corresponding Horse Fat conditioner, too. Each costs $1.50 and comes in a plastic bottle with cheerful colors, like orange and gold and yellow. (It's probably a coincidence, but these also represent the shade variances of actual horse fat. In Russian cuisine, the light yellow is considered the tastiest.) I bought the set and tried it, though I couldn't shake a profound repulsion. As it turns out, the shampoo's most neutral qualities are exactly what enhanced the feeling: its pearlescence, its lukewarm-ness, its bland chemical odor. I won't use it again, but afterward, my hair sure looked great—all shininess and jiggly waves.


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