Woman Allegedly Shot Dead While Arguing Over Who Would Feed the Baby


Of course it's an accident, Goldy. Look at all the times you waved your gun while arguing with your (then-)wife about who was going to feed the baby, and you never shot her.
It's obviously not an accident if he was deliberately waving a gun around. You never aim a gun at somebody you aren't willing to kill. So, he already made the decision he was okay killing her. He is either malicious or dangerously incompetent, and either way, he shouldn't be allowed around other people.
Clearly, we must ban babies.
Are any of these people being charged with manslaughter? Or are they just getting a stern warning from police to be more careful with their weapon?
dad sounds like a stupid fucking ridgerunning hilljack. sweet jesus I don't miss being around Appalachians, despite their wonderful culture.
Seems like this could've been avoided if one of them just decided that feeding the fucking baby was more important than winning the argument.
@6: maybe summer Johnson was trying to get alex crisp to do it ONCE.

Or maybe a violent fuckstick with a long criminal record decided to murder the mother of his child.
The Well-Regulated Militia strikes again!
Well, shooting your baby's mother IS a good way to guarantee you don't have to feed the baby ever again, since you'll be in prison. Though if you were planning to get away with the murder, then you've just ensured you'll be the only one around to feed the baby. Seems like it would be less trouble just to feed the baby this one time.
Well, I guess that resolves their argument: The state is going to feed the baby.
So did anybody end up feeding the baby?
Things we could do:

- provide free birth control (condoms, pill, iud, diaphragm)
- Keep abortions legal and destigmatize them
- more sex education
- re-emphasize safe sex practices across all sects and creeds
Of course, he had to keep the gun in his hand at all times to defend himself and his family from attack by strangers intent on harm and tyranny, so it's all good.
Yes, and a man in Spokane recently stabbed himself and died. Why not blog about that? http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2…

Honestly, this anti-gun fetish you have is absurd. No better than anti-gay conservatives cherry picking cases of a handful of gay men abusing kids.

Don't like gay sex? Don't have it.
Don't like abortions? Don't have one.
Don't like weed? Don't smoke it.
Don't like guns? DON'T OWN ONE!
@15- The difference between the first three things on your list and the last thing is that abortions, weed and gay sex don't effect people who aren't using them. Guns are designed exactly to effect other people.
Send the baby to Rand Paul to feed.

Almost. Smoking weed does affect the people around you. Secondhand smoke from pot does all the same crap that secondhand cigarette smoke does, plus can get you high or cause you to fail a drug test if the exposure and sensitivity levels are high enough.

If you must have your weed around non-users, ethical users use edibles.

Of course, ethical gun owners can choose to follow basic safety precautions as well. Waving a loaded firearm should be a jailable offense, as it is undeniably reckless.
Even if it lacks the criminal intent for murder, it would still qualify as manslaughter or reckless endangerment. Some could argue that it could be murder due to gross negligence. He may not have specifically intended to kill someone, but he did specifically intend to create a dangerous situation.
18, you win the Olympic Gold Medal for Hair-Splitting. Equating second-hand pot smoke to the killing of people with handguns... that's amazing. Congrats!
@20 Yeah how does that work? It is basically impossible to overdose on weed and die, dying by 2nd hand pot smoke... that is a stretch.
When did I say it should be okay to kill people with handguns? Unless it's self defense and there are no other alternatives, that's wrong and should be punished with jail time.

Also, if someone stabs someone to death, that should be punished with jail time.

But why go after guns but not knives? Why not just go after behavior and not an inanimate object?

I have three guns, some knives (I love Balisongs) a few baseball bats (and I don't play) and four swords. Why go after my guns, but not my swords or butterfly knives? Are you okay with people being stabbed to death?

If I murder someone with ANYTHING, put me in jail. Until that time, just leave my guns alone. (and my swords and bats and knives)

But if I injured myself with my gun, Goldy would blog about it...my balisongs? No mention in his blog.
@22: When is the last time you read about someone accidently killing someone with a knife during an argument, or accidently stabbing someone to death because the knife "just went off?"

You continue to amaze with your inability to think or use reason at all.

Until gun owners are only killing themselves, no relation to this issue can be drawn to abortion, sexual practices, or drug use per se. Any attempt to correlate the two is incredibly dumb and requires a complete lack of basic reasoning or intelligence.
@22: Some Old Nobodaddy wasn't talking to you, you moron. He was talking to CobaltBlue, who actually did compare (in a roundabout way) secondhand pot smoke to firearms homicide.
@23 When did anyone accidentally kill themselves with a knife? I POSTED THE LINK TO JUST THAT!
Here it is again: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2…

And here's another story, about a chef accidentally stabbing someone http://www.thebraiser.com/boston-chef-st…

So why not push for knife control?

Oh, and the US has seen a steady drop in gun violence over the last decade, despite the fact that gun laws have gotten more lenient. Source: http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2013/05/0…

You seem to not understand how to click on a link...but I'm the one with lack of "basic reasoning and lack of intelligence"...

@18, etc. My point was a response to 15/16, about personal choices affecting other people.

The comparison was that significant impact does occur and that people who chose to own and use these things can take reasonable basic ethical safety precautions to keep their choice PERSONAL.

When you expose other people to pot smoke, you are making a choice for them.

I did not imply that you could OD and die on secondhand pot smoke. You could get cancer eventually if exposure rates remain high, just like with tobacco smoke. You could be high and wreck your car like a drunk. Or, like I said, you could just end up high when you didn't consent or fail a drug test.
@25: Ah yes, you found two incidents in your google searches, meanwhile a handful of people were accidently shot and killed while you made those searches. Because all the time knives are accidently going off and killing people. One anecdote is not data, despite your needs.

According to the most recent data (CDC), 606 people a year die from accidental shootings, and 14,000 to 16,000 people are injured by accidental shootings.

Since the number of people killed each year by accidental stabbings is so low as the be statistically irrelevant, there is no real data, but people are murdered with knives or other sharp weapons roughly 1600 times per year

606 vs. ~0

14,000-16,000 (accidental) + 12,664 (intentional) vs. 1600 (intentional)

But hey, you found an article where a guy got accidently stabbed, so I am sure this data means nothing, right?

If you think two accidental stabbings is an argument against gun control, you are either too brainless to even understand the issue, or just willingly playing dumb.