Dear Internet: I cannot tell you how happy and excited I was to see the 'Mo-Wave interview on the Huffington Post today! It's a must read.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
A world premiere musical that you can really sink your teeth into Get your tickets HERE!

And Seattle queers, friends of queers, and everybody else—you should really go to the 'Mo this year, April 11-13th. I'm telling you: IT IS THE MOST FUN.

Full schedule at Bonus pics from 2103, after the jump...

The 2014 lineup includes: MX Justin V. Bond, Christeene, Zebra Katz, Carletta Sue Kay, Tacocat, Slava Mogutin, Logan Lynn, Ononos, Night Cadet, Boy Funk, Death Metals, Dust Moth, CZARL1NG (featuring Members of The Need/Grass Widow/Broken Water), Adé, Frederic Fleury, Narcissister, Jordan O'Jordan, L'Orth, Brian Kenny, LoneSome Leash, Tenderfoot, Half Breed, Sashay, Palo Verde, Spear and Magic Helmet, Frank Correa, Michael Horwitz, Your Heart Breaks, Belles Bent For Leather (Judas Priest Tribute), Queen Mookie, Amoania, Glitterbang, Hypnotits, Brian Brittigan, Zackary Drucker, MKNZ, Earl Dax, Crypts and more!

Big Dipper, Bear Rapper
  • Kelly O
  • Big Dipper, Bear Rapper

  • Kelly O
  • Ononos

Team Dresch
  • Kelly O
  • Team Dresch

Double Duchess
  • Kelly O
  • Double Duchess

  • Kelly O
  • Gaytheist

Dancing, and more dancing!
  • Kelly O
  • Dancing, and more dancing!

Dynasty Handbag
  • Kelly O
  • Dynasty Handbag

Foxy boys!
  • Kelly O
  • Foxy men!

Foxy ladies!
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  • Foxy women!

The lovely Ade in a couture Mo-Wave t-shirt dress
  • Kelly O
  • The lovely Ade in a couture 'Mo-Wave t-shirt dress

Visual art at True Love Gallery
  • Photo pictured by David Belisle
  • Visual art at True Love Gallery