Sad times.
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  • Sad times.

STELLAR PIZZA in Georgetown: The paperwork on the door says the longtime favorite owes $61,716.42 in back taxes. The voice mail is full. The pizza reportedly hadn't been as stellar as it used to be. Sounds like a sad story. UPDATE: Stellar Pizza has since reopened under new ownership.

MADISON PARK CONSERVATORY in Madison Park: This closure just seems weird: MPC was delicious, pretty, fancy, and located exactly where such a restaurant should thrive, in moneybags central. But after three years, it's gone, with owner Cormac Mahoney saying he wished it would've been longer, but that "restaurants are a crazy thing and many stars have to align to create a successful and enduring place." You can find one former MPC chef, Zoi Antonitsas, doing excellent work at Westward... Madison Park, what's your problem? I hope the (also great) Independent Pizzeria is doing all right.

MARCHÉ Midrange Marché used to be posh Seattle classic Campagne—the changeover happened in 2011, presumably to combat slow business, which apparently didn't work. Chef Daisley Gordon's Facebook announcement was met with lots of frowny faces...