SL Letter of the Day: Screamers


I'm the same way. Just get her to scream into a pillow or use a ball gag.
Tell loud partners to scream in the pillow. But this brings up a question. Are women louder than men during? It sure seems that way.
This brings back unhappy memories of a former housemate who screamed bloody murder for half an hour at a go, every damn night.
They could move to the Laurelton!
@1: So is it, like, an involuntary thing?
Ugh. I had a screamer next door to my old building, and she'd frequently go at it at 1:30 on a school night. Then one night she was uncharacteristically going at it at like 8 pm, and that's when I realized that she was leaving her window blinds wide open and the lights on. Exhibitionism, anyone?
One of my neighbors in my apartment complex had a gf who would scream bloody murder ALL NIGHT while having sex. It got to the point where more than one of us had to confront them, tell them we'd have to call the police, and talk to the building owner.

And when I say, "scream bloody murder", I mean it literally sounded like she was being murdered. Or at least running away from zombies.
@5 Yes.
If I have to concentrate on being quiet, I find I am taken out of the moment and am less likely to, well, need to make any noise. Pillows over the face work, tape over the mouth (I'm not a fan of ball gags, personally), and houses are great - cheap hotel rooms by the freeway also help to hide the noise.

@2 Yes.
Women are typically the noisiest at sex.
If she's that loud I'd be concerned she's faking it. There's such a thing as over acting. I refer to it as "Shatnering".
@5 -- It's pretty much involuntary for me. I can control it if we're staying away from home somewhere I know we need to be a lot quieter, but when we're at home and uninhibited, the screaming comes naturally. It would kind of suck if I had to be conscious of trying to control it all the time.
letter writer should shave more often.

her bristle is chaffing screamer's tender bits, eliciting uncontrollable screaming.

either that; or, yeah, @6 nails it- showing out.

in which case shove her panties in her mouth

Your next bedroom is an Anechoic Chamber:…
She should post a video to let us know how it went.
Anyone have any specific tips on exactly how to open the conversation that LOUD needs to have with her partner?
@15 The usual way uncomfortable but important conversations have to be started: on a weekend afternoon when you're both relaxed and not doing whatever the conversation is about. (having sex, paying bills, disciplining the children, etc.)

She says "Honey, listen, I've been getting some complaints from the neighbors. When we have sex, you are really loud the whole way through. It's very flattering to me, obviously, but we have a lot of physically close neighbors. They don't want free porn and I don't want to give it to them. What do you think we can do to minimize the noise without making sex not fun for you?" and then they trade suggestions like pillows, ball gags, cheap motels by the highway, etc.
@15, personally, I'd wait until some neighbor / roomie made a comment about it. That leads easily to a conversation where you discuss how you just realized, because of the outside comment, that it must be bothering people. And then you brainstorm together about ways to mitigate the problem.

But bringing it up on your own risks sounding a bit neurotic. "What, you're worried I might bother someone? But no one seems bothered except you? Okay then."
Sounds like the LW is over-thinking the issue of how to bring this up. Then again, I probably wouldn't have sex with anyone who I wasn't comfortable talking with about this type of thing. But yeah, like @16 said. Only better, don't name a huge deal over it. If you're struggling to figure out how to communicate about something as simple as this, you've got a long, difficult road ahead of you.
@17> "personally, I'd wait until some neighbor / roomie made a comment about it. "

YES! Let someone else be the bad guy. Then they are on the same side about problem solving the fabulous sex with fewer decibels. Note the letter must APPEAR to be from an anonymous neighbor, not ACTUALLY be from a neighbor - if the LW can vary her handwriting / font. And thoroughly clear her document back-up history.
On the other hand, recent studies have indicated that most FCV in women does not accompany their own orgasm, but rather their partner’s ejaculation. The study showed that the man typically finds the woman’s vocalization sexy and highly exciting, and that the woman herself is aware of this. Most women in the study, furthermore, indicated that they vocalized during intercourse to make their man ejaculate more quickly, or to boost his enjoyment and self-esteem, or both.[8]
The reasons that women gave for wanting to force a quick ejaculation include the alleviation of the woman’s pain, fatigue, or even boredom
@20: My mother was a screamer. I once asked her why she had to make so much goddamned noise and she said, "Men like it better that way." Ugh.
@12: The Sex at Dawn crowd claim that the purpose of "female copulatory vocalization" is to sexually excite other nearby males in the interest of promoting "sperm competition".

Based on the comments here and my own experiences overhearing it, it seems to have exactly the opposite effect.
@15: Leave a note under the door that says:

Thank you for the wonderful screaming show you've been putting on. Every time I hear it, I stop what I'm going and fervently stroke my penis. I usually try to time my orgasms with yours, but sometimes I just can't hold out. Now that you know, perhaps you'll think of me next time? Wow, I'm getting excited just imagining that.

- One of your neighbors
Why are people some dumb? If I think a partner is too loud, I laughingly and conspiratorially breathe in her ear a request to quiet down right then and there: "the neighbors!" or whatever. If she does, great. If she can't, I may be self-conscious but damn flattered.

What I'm saying is, can't you just, you know, communicate with someone you're fucking?
@20 - would that mean lesbians are quieter? Maybe the gf's been with men of late, while the letter writer, unaccustomed to the vocal training of women who have sex with men, is just surprised at what might be normal volume for a bi girl. Someone needs to do a study (can you imagine presenting this research at a seminar? Playing clips?).
I thought science had shown both genders have greater pleasure on average if they are vocalizing?

I am not one of these 'compulsive screaming the whole time' women, but if there's nothing to stop me, I trend loud. And without a partner of either gender, I orgasm far faster if I'm vocalizing (even softly). It's almost as if women can also find things hot, and that fuels their sexual pleasure, and they can do those things...without a man present! (Who'd have thought I'd end up saying that sarcastically in THIS comment section?)
Spend some dough and get better soundproofing on your bedroom. Walls, ceiling, floor, door(s), window(s). Both of you, make a project out of it.
A coworker of mine, a bit of an airhead, once told me angrily, "my neighbors say I'm too loud during sex, and that's none of their business!"
She honestly thought they were saying it was sinful, or improper, or something.
Soooo hard not to laugh.
@2 Women *ARE* louder than men, on the whole. My knowledge is rusty, but there's a concept called "Female Copulatory Vocalization" which occurs in many primate species.

The short of it is, females are much more likely than males to make vocal noises during sex. I'm not sure if you look at just those people who vocalize that women are louder than men.
"Hey, lets not piss off my neighbors!" Is that so hard? My GF screams into a pillow. Problem solved.
Although I agree with your response, Dan, I do recall some (bad) advice you gave to someone on the other side of this situation, who had to endure his neighbor's late-night screaming during sex. I seem to recall you told the guy to chill out, and added a little lecture about how everyone has the right to scream and yelp during sex. If my memory is correct, how do you reconcile these two pieces of advice?
What 27 said. Also, 23 with the addition of some lightly beaten egg white to the edges of the note. And a big glob blurring the signature.
Pillows work but require at least one arm to be dedicated to using it and still being able to breathe. Ball gags are good for stifling speech, but not so good at general noise. A bunched up wash cloth works pretty well and requires little hand/arm work. A spiral rope gag is good for noise and works hands free. The trick with the last two is to bite down when you want to stifle, and open up when you need take a big breath.

BE VERY CAREFUL when screaming into a pillow. I had to go to the hospital once because of the pressure caused by stifling myself in a pillow. Excruciating head pain that instantly turned into vomiting. I ended up getting a CO scan and a lumbar puncture to test my spinal fluid. They found nothing, but told me not to do that anymore. Between disturbing the neighbors and blowing a blood vessel in my brain, the neighbors lose.
@34 Which pressure are you talking about? Just trying to understand what to avoid...
Lesbians having regular sex?!? That's a thing now?

Oh, "with a beautiful girlfriend whom I met a month ago".

Your problem will resolve within 5 months. Or less.