In devastatingly disheartening news, Issaquah High School students thought it would be a good idea to taunt Garfield High students with unrelentingly shitty racist texts, tweets, and Facebook comments hours before the two schools face off at state playoffs. From the police report:

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There are a total of 10 pages of messages. They range from photo's of the 3 African American basketball players from Garfleid HS and 1 African American referee. The text under the photo states "one a nigga two a nigga three a nigga 4. My names [redacted] and I'm gonna score." To a photo of a female African American student from GHS next to a photo of Chewbacca, the Star Wars character.

The rest were text messages copied and they state, "checkmate was when Abraham Lincoln made the mistake of freeing you" and "no actually just my insults are [to] complicated for your primitive mind to understand." "Primitive because you're a monkey" and "shut up bush boogie"

I was not familiar with the term "bush boogie" so I googled it. The definition came from what is called the urban dictionary. It says that a bush boogie is a nigger in the bushes.

Were the students involved punished? A statement from Issaquah High School said the following:

While Federal right to privacy laws don’t allow me to reveal the specifics of the disciplinary actions taken with students, our policies and procedures regarding student misconduct outlined in our student handbook were followed.

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To say that I'm livid is the understatement of the century. This is fucking reprehensible.

UPDATE: I'll add the link to the Issaquah Student Handbook that outlines the possible disciplinary actions. This type of student misconduct might fall under "Inappropriate computer/Network behavior," where the disciplinary actions range from a slap on the wrist to expulsion. Since we're not sure of how this is classified and FERPA laws prevent us from finding out anything about the students individually, there's no way to be sure which actions were followed.