Elaine Stritch is the legendary Broadway star (and notable player on film and TV) whose impressive individual achievements are eclipsed by the cumulative force of her being. Barging through the world pantsless, yelling at traffic, making all who cross her path love or at least fear her, she's like no one else there's ever been, and Chiemi Karasawa's short, sharp documentary captures her well. Tina Fey and Stephen Sondheim show up to voice the longstanding line on Stritch—she's difficult to work with and it's always worth it—and there's lightly harrowing footage of '70s-era Stritch berating herself to hell and back during the recording of the Company cast album. But in the present-day footage—the primary component of the film—Stritch's toughest times involve her diabetes, with a blood-sugar scare bringing Shoot Me's rawest moments. In the end, it's a film about getting old, as performed by one of the world's most amazing women.

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