A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP


is there any chance we can get a "turn slog music off" button at the top of the slog. tired of this already.
Same problem a couple weeks ago at the Sun Kil Moon show at the Neptune.

I remember when theaters (as well as movie theaters) had ushers.

Who shushed the dick heads for you, and had the power to eject them.

One of the reasons I now prefer recorded music and don't bother with movie theaters anymore.
It truly is baffling why someone would pay money to attend a show, and then fail to watch the show in favor of bullshitting. Alcohol makes it worse for sure...totally reduces people's ability to discern changes in dynamics; a drunk will use the same talking volume whether the band is playing loud or quiet.

It's not always 30-50% either...often there are only a couple idiots driving the conversations. Anyone should feel free to shush those jackasses.
You say you want to LISTEN to the performance?
...and what then? Go home and send out some telegrams?

The loudmouths definitely create an environment where it seems acceptable to talk, which probably explains why it eventually turns into 30-50 percent.

Also, in my experience, the talkers are largely the scenesters who are there to hang out with their friends and not because they give a rat's ass about the music or art. I am grateful that they haven't infiltrated ballet or opera.
This is why some artists should play at venues with seats. Unless you are dancing or at least swaying why are you packed in standing up? It is far more enjoyable to see a quiet artist at either part of Benaroya, any theater, the Triple Door, the Can Can, or anywhere willing to put out chairs, than it is at Neumos, Barboza, Neighbors, etc. Leave the rock and dance venues for the rock and dance acts.
Playing to a crowd where a few people are braying over the music is a great zen exercise in not kicking over the mike, not jumping into the audience and not smashing your guitar in their faces. Black belt level is not letting it affect your performance in any way.
If everyone is braying, then it's easier to not care. But a few identifiable bad apples scream out for retribution.

That said, I lived in a small town where the police blog writer and classical music critic at the local rag reviewed a visiting string quartet performance by (and only by) complaining about ignorant audience members clapping at the wrong times. He was the asshole in that scenario, btw.
Before a particularly beautiful song at Neumos last weekend, Nicki Bluhm took the time to ask every member of the audience to turn to the person next to them and tell them to shut up.
I never mind talking when it's a loud/rowdy show. But I had to shush many people in my vicinity when I saw Ben Folds Five at the Showbox last year. I wasn't rude about it or anything, usually just suggested that if they were going to have a conversation at full volume during a queit song, they might take it outside. But that didn't stop them from making fun of me - "Oh, I didn't realize we were seeing a show in a library" or "Why don't you go listen to their music at home if you want it quiet?" This is what happens when you see shows with people who can count on one hand how many shows they've been to in their lives.
If there's alcohol involved, you're never going to win this battle. The only solution is to play quiet rooms (i.e. not bars), or have the house turn the artist up.
Agreed, especially at quieter shows it is ridiculous how loud crowds in this city are. Why the fuck did you pay money to be at a show you're going to ignore and ruin everyone else's experience? You can go to any bar for free and talk as loud as you want.

By the way, can we get a tag or different font color for the music posts on slog mobile? Pretty please?
you know this shit happening more and more in movie theaters too ?...
I stopped going to Zoo Tunes because people act like the music is somehow background for the cocktail party.

I do prefer to stay home and listen than to have to deal with people who are being - yes - rude and talking through shows especially quieter parts. It's disrespectful to the artist and everyone else (especially given how much tickets cost).
Did you have this problem in SoCal, Dave? Because I don't here in Chicago. Maybe because I'm older, I attend shows with other boring oldies, who are through with the smoozing that is de rigeur amongst scene-makers, so it's a generational issue, rather than regional. But I'm not sure. It's weird and frustrating, that's for sure, and it has sapped my interest in live shows.
As a fellow old I totally don't like loud sounds, either. Or teens. Or children. But especially loud sounds. They fill me with rage. As does bad driving, poor customer service, and The Irish.

Also "combining Line Out with Slog" is another way of saying "there is no traffic on Line Out but instead of announcing it is dead we will announce it is merging! WE ARE SO SMART! S-M-R-T!" Just bring that unpopular thing over into the popular thing and trust that it could never, ever drive away eyeballs from the popular thing.


It's weird. The marquee will say "Cian Nugent" or Katie Kate" or some such. But when you go in to the venue it's always some bizarre performance art of hundreds of very noisy inattentive people competing to show you their iPhones and iPads.
As both a concert-goer and a performer, loud-talkers are the worst. Is there a way we can ban them? Socially ostracize them? Because evil looks and shushing don't work. It's not the low-level chatter that bothers me, that's to be expected. It's the HELLO! EVERYONE LISTEN TO HOW IMPORTANT I AM! I'M GOING TO BE THE LOUDEST PERSON EVER BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY person. Just... go home and blog about it if you're so passionate about base notes in perfumes.

One of my "favorite" experiences happened a few summers ago at an intimate, outdoor concert in the woods when I got to listen to some loud-mouthed jackass talking about how he knew the now-successful artist back when they were a dishwasher at a dive bar he used to frequent (uh huh, sure you did!), and how "happy" he was for her, etc etc, all in an attempt to get the woman he was bragging to to sleep with him. Why don't you show us how happy you are for her by SHUTTING UP, BRO?! We came here to listen to her, not you!
I've particularly noticed this at Barboza on Fridays, and I wonder if it's because people show up super early for the dance club that happens at 10:30, and just chat through the bands until they get the chance to dance.
People look at you as the "uptight asshole" because you are one. Just chill out and enjoy the music. Quit worrying so much about how other people are choosing to enjoy it.
Once the singer from Red House Painters said to the crowd: "There's other places you can talk. Why don't you go there?"
Oh, man! There were two under-thirties standing behind me at The Posies' show at Neumo's, yakking about MSFT stock prices and management promotions. They were really torqued that I told them to take it upstairs. Who the hell were they trying to impress?!?
Talking during a concert is exactly the same as standing up during a movie: Moviegoers behind you can't see what they came to see, concertgoers around you can't hear what they came to hear. We all know not to stand during a movie. Short whispers can be fine during a concert; just don't converse loudly/long enough to interfere with the music reaching your fellow audience members' ears.
Ayyyyymen!!! I hate it! And I absolutely will and do shush people, and yes, they're always entitled assholes about it, but I do it anyway.
I agree. You'd think the venues would bounce these losers. People love music and would go see it if they stood a chance of hearing it.
@1: Are you a chattering manchild?
@20 is correct. Not sure why anyone would pay money for a 'quiet' show @ Barboza, when there's folks hanging around just waiting for it to be over so they can spew their remaining brain cells about. those folks only have one volume: ON
I don't know if I would have the expectation for a show in Barboza that my fellow club goers would be quiet, especially the opening act. Sucks for the people that go for that piece of music but for other people the music really is just background for socializing. It's a bar, first. If you think that is a mistake then expect to pay three times the ticket price for a venue that isn't subsidizing cost with booze.
worse: people who loudly sing along at quiet shows
Local bar/restaurant in Atlanta prides itself as being a listening room, and expects it patrons to be quiet and listen. There is a big sign stating that, and lots of management and peer pressure. Seems to be working!

From their website: "Eddie’s Attic is a popular and intimate live music venue for aspiring and accomplished performing songwriters. The Attic is located in Decatur, Georgia, a small artist-friendly town within the metro Atlanta area – a cultural blend of Berkeley and Mayberry. A “listening room” with a superior sound system/acoustics, where customers are asked to silence cell phones and actually listen to the songs, has made the Attic’s music room a hit with music enthusiasts. Eddie’s Attic draws both fans and artists from all over the world, and continues to be one of the premier music venues in the South. On any given night, music lovers can hear talented performing songwriters and bands playing original music in an intimate setting. The Attic welcomes all varieties of original, live music and embraces the diversity that allows independent music to thrive."
Unfortunately I've rarely seen a concert goer asking another concert goer to be quiet work out. Those talking already have little regard for their fellow concert goers, so asking them to keep it down generally is just going to lead to tension. If the venue doesn't deal with them, the only thing I've seen really work is if the performer does something. I've seen artists tackle it several ways--stop playing or play quieter and quieter until the crowd collectively hushes the talkers or on occasion I've seen artists call out specific people for talking. Not all artists are going to do that though, it should really be the venues job to create a good atmosphere for listening to music.
As a performer of ye olde classical music I'm a bit amused. We've been called fascist assholes for years for having the temerity to expect that people shut the hell for up to a whole hour at a stretch and listen to what they supposedly came to hear.

@22, that's also Mark Kozelek from Sun Kil Moon. Maybe he is a grumpy dude. Agree with others that booking quiet shows at venues with seats would help this. Maybe an announcement before the show.
I was at that Sun Kil Moon show. While there's no excuse for heckling, he was absolutely, constantly antagonistic to the entire crowd that night. His whole vibe was antagonistic, and he was clearly itching for a fight. Mark K. asked for audience participation several times (and got a few responses he wasn't happy with), and then instead of launching into the next song and squashing the hecklers, he waited for what seemed like an eternity to "let the crowd tire themselves out." Well...that didn't happen. I've seen some serious artistic meltdowns and hissy fits in my time (S. Malkmus + the Jicks comes to mind), but i've never witnessed a less professional appearance than Mark's that night.
Maybe venues serious about listening should offer headphones, a la silent disco parties, to those serious about listening.
I think it's fair for artists to fight back. Stop playing briefly and make it awkward, and say you wish the talker would stop and for everyone else to give them a stare down. I can't remember the artist, but I heard a classic story once of how a guy stopped mid-song because of a loud talker up front. The singer reached into his pocket, took out the door fee, gave it to the talker and asked him to leave. The crowed roared with approval and the dick left.
I just got home from Sasquatch - left early due to sheer irritation both from my sunscreen and from assholes.

When you are camping in a camp ground of a shit ton of people. DONT START SCREAMING AT YOUR FRIENDS AT 5am YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES. Seriously, 2 mornings in a row. Also inconsiderate fucks dropping their trash EVERYWHERE. I seriously watched no less than 10 people throw shit on the ground right next to a trash can. Also our car ran over a bottle that was also right next to a trash can. What the fuck people?

This festival makes me lose faith in humanity.
Also the Nick Swardson show was fantastic. Some stupid girl was yelling at him and talking at him the whole show and he finally just mocked her until she left. Shut the fuck up and let the man do his show unless he asks for crowd input.