Betabrand's Entire Spring Wardrobe Is Modeled By...Women with Ph.Ds?


The models, AdWeek quickly points out, are all thin and conventionally pretty.

Are you seriously implying that there ought to be fat, ugly models?
Whatever models they use doesn't change the fact that Betabrand sells a bunch of overpriced crap. Sweatpants that look like jeans which cost more than jeans!
No wait, it's sweat pants that look like slacks which cost more than slacks. Plus, hundred dollar hoodies!
I also feel like it's really devaluing to the work that models whose job it is to model things do. Like LOL FUCK THESE IDIOTS WE NORMALLY USE.
Yeah, it's pretty misguided. And I agree with @4...I would add, too, that there's kind of a classist element to it.

Anyway, the point is, I can't enjoy anything anymore.
I have mixed feelings about it. Are they trying to make some statement about how smart woman can be pretty too? Which implies what about regular models intelligence?
But as a PhD having female person I am excited my body can be used to sell clothes I can't afford too!
So now you have to have a degree (a PhD, no less!) to work as a clothing model? Are there really no jobs left for people who choose not to go into debt to pay for higher ed? I wonder how long does it take to pay off the average (or even the reasonably cheapest) PhD on an average model's salary.

Yeah I know this is a gimmick and most modeling jobs don't give a damn about a PhD. But it seems that adding a level of diversity that only excludes more people is oxymoronic. They are already all white, conventionally pretty, and uncommonly thin.

And not everyone should have to go to college (time consuming and expensive) to in order to get a job. Honestly, most jobs do not require that much education.
I used to joke that all the fabulous scantily clad babes on the machine shop calendars must be engineers.
This is why clothes and fashion models need to unionize. There aren't enough jobs anyways, and often they pay shit (sometimes they compensate with clothes), and now companies want to play gimmicks?
@5: Oh, definitely. Devaluing of work seems to be a really strong indicator of classism a lot of the time, as it often is for folks in retail/service industries, as well.
PhDs need jobs too.
Circular firing squad, commence!
If this was art instead of advertising Jen Graves would be hailing a gallery show of diverse art centered around a demographic theme of artists.
Odd that a 25-year-old white thin PhD doesn't look any different (or make the clothes look any different) than a 25-year-old white thin non-PhD.

And where's the proof that these are actually PhDs anyway?
Wow, those clothes look really dowdy. Count me in as one insulted PhD.
Just to pick nits, at least half of the items I clicked on had bios that said the model was a PhD CANDIDATE. Which means they could be less than a year out of undergrad college, and have a long row to hoe before they, maybe, finish that thesis.

Credit where due to those who finished the Doctorate of Philosophy!
So women (or people in general) without a PhD are worth less than those with a PhD. Message received.
I'm guessing the brand's whole point was to get free publicity by doing something out of the ordinary or 'controversial', so by covering this, SLOG is adding to their win. Regardless of whether someone likes the idea or not, if they clicked on the link and looked at the clothes the brand's marketing department will be happy.
So this may just bum you out more, but seriously you need to head over to American Apparel or pick up a fashion magazine. You seem confused about what "thin" and "conventionally" pretty mean in fashion today. Or you can take a look at the girl One Direction wants you to believe "doesn't know she's beautiful"!…
The comments in this thread make me sad for liberalism. Seriously. There's now award for most pretentious K peeps.
Oh nos, classism, racism, elitism, sexism, sizism, -ism, -ism, -ism!

"So women (or people in general) without a PhD are worth less than those with a PhD. Message received."

I know, amazing isn't it? I hear they pay brain surgeons more than janitors too!