Cavity Search: Adult-Flavored Gummy Bears and Sophisticated Mini Eggs


Wait, is Goldie back? This looks like one of his posts.
I don't like dark chocolate at all, except for dark Cadbury's mini eggs. There's something decadent about them, that I just don't get from fancy brands like Lindt or Ghiradelli dark.
Not a fan of dark chocolate at all, but will give these and the white chocolate ones a try because Mini Eggs.
Pear and Black Currant are standards in Europe, and are eaten by kids as well. Check out the ice cream flavors in a country to see what people like.
What @4 said. The number of times I've bitten into an American soft fruit chew expecting white to be pear or dark purple to be blackcurrant, and got "Concord grape" or some other kind of cough medicine flavor. Blech. Euro flavors are the biz.
I'm not sure anyone who suggests that "white chocolate" could be the best variety of a confection is a good judge of who is and isn't a monster.

But my favorite Easter candy is malted-milk Mini Robins' Eggs, so what do I know?
If you think any type of fake "really made by Hersey's" Cadbury eggs are acceptable then your taste is automatically suspect.

Plus how the heck is raspberry an adult flavour?!
If you put Haribo gummy bears in the freezer for a couple hours first, you are in for a real treat.
What % is the dark chocolate mini eggs?
@6 - I have only heard tell of the legend of the white Mini Egg, have never experienced. Those malted eggs are SO good! I want to do a column on malted things soon… what is "malt" even?

@7 - Mini Eggs are an Easter blessing and you know it. And raspberry is only adult in comparison to other "reds" (raspberry > cherry > strawberry, etc.).
@10 I had a friend come over from the UK 3 weeks ago and bring me proper Cadbury mini-eggs and creme eggs. Now that was a blessing.

Malt is a germinated and dried grain, usually barley.

What's the difference? (That's a genuine inquiry, not a retort.)
@13 For me UK chocolate, which I grew up with, is less chalky and richer than herseys. The UK has a higher cocoa solid requirement (20%). In the UK a cadbury's milk chocolate bar contains 22% as opposed to the woeful 11% of a US hershey bar. (Although Europeans would scoff at either meagre amount). The UK also uses West African cocoa, as opposed to South American beans. The powdered milk is different, and worse of all the US loads even more sugar in (Hell you people have sugar in bread, I can't get a decent loaf here) and adds PGPR a lovely chemical cocktail which acts in place of cocoa butter.

Now the uptown Met Market has a small british section which includes mars bars and milky ways. So I urge you to splurge on a bar just to see what the cheap UK choccy tastes like. Except it's not so cheap any more.

I've bought the Smarties there, for $4 a pop. I'll have to try a Mars bar as well.

Mostly I was curious because even Hershey's Cadbury is still superior, to my tastebuds, than Hershey's Hershey's. That the UK version is superior doesn't surprise me.