Leading Headline of the Day: "Why Is Google Building a Robot Army?"

Lady Gaga Fails at Charity: "Lady Gaga's Charity Donated Just $5,000 of Its $2.1 Million."

So Much for the Free Market: Looks like Tesla cars will no longer be available for sale in New Jersey, thanks to some tricky legal issues. Tesla says that Chris Christie went back on his word.

Book of Hypothetical Situations to Be Actually Published: Randall Munroe of XKCD fame is publishing a book of What Ifs this fall.

Today in Good Movie News: Rumor has it that Attack the Block's John Boyega is being considered for the main character of the new Star Wars movie.

Today in Bad Movie News: Phil Lord and Chris Miller will not be directing the Lego Movie sequel.

Nothing, with All the Something Taken Out: This video is making the rounds online today.