As every single reader of The Stranger's print edition is aware, Charles Mudede is listed in the masthead as Parenting Editor. I believe he earned the title after a series of Slog posts displaying his superior parenting ability. (At least one was about forbidding his son to cry, while at least one other was about the silver lining of one child killing another, and for the record, all of Charles' actual children are alive and well and flourishing.)

Anyway, I kind of forgot all about Charles' stature as Stranger Parenting Editor until this email landed. Enjoy.

Hi Charles,

I wanted to introduce you to Dr. Jacob Sagie and Tal Sagie, who for the past 30 years have helped over 30,000 patients get over their bedwetting problem. I believe that they can be a wonderful resource for you for any related parenting articles or research for the The Stranger.

While not the ‘sexiest’ of topics, bedwetting is one of the most frustrating problems that millions of parents will face this year. And despite it being a condition that affects a sizable percentage of both younger and older children, it can almost always be fixed- quickly, easily and without medical intervention. Utilizing his vast experience and practical application, Dr. Sagie, together with his son Tal, himself a child bedwetter whose condition motivated his father’s lifelong passion, has developed a new approach to bedwetting treatment, called THERAPEE...

The THERAPEE program utilizes a specially designed bedwetting alarms re-engineered to promote safety and ease of use, and combines it with an interactive web-based therapy program. The child, alongside his or her parents is offered a personalized treatment plan that can take into account almost any situation and has a 90 percent success rate (meaning completely dry nights) within a period of three to six months.

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For most parents, the option to see their child no longer wetting the bed is a huge relief. Beyond the costs of pull-ups (and its negative impact on the environment) and endless loads of laundry, bedwetting is a major blow to a child’s self-esteem and can have longer term psychological impact. Many (if not most) doctors will say that a child will grow out of the problem and indeed they likely will. But that can often be only after years of suffering from countless nights that could have been prevented.

I would welcome the chance to provide you with more information and a chance to test the THERAPEE system so you will quickly understand the tremendous potential behind this development.