Based on recent comments, it would appear most of y'all Slog™ creepers didn't follow Line Out™. Well, FYI, last year I posted, daily, a track by actual '60s garage bands called You're In A Rad Garage Band - GFY. Check out my Beep Beep & the Roadrunner's post; it's a good example of what I was up to. Anyway, I ain't bringing GFY back on a daily basis, but I'll revive it whenever I hear a worthy track/band.

This group, the Northwest Company, hailed from the outskirts of Vancouver, BC. In all they had seven or so 45s, but it's their first single, issued in 1967, "Hard To Cry" b/w "Get Away From It All," (Grenadier) that had the most bite.

The band lasted till sometime in 1974; one member was also in Blue Northern, a group who happen to include Billy Cowsill.

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