Because of their beer-bonging, rubber dinghy crowd-surfing, party^∞ (party to the infinity!) live shows, Slow Dance is Seattle party rap royalty. They turn it the fuck up like few in the city have dared, and their debut album—2011's Risk it All—was an equally energetic piece that added fire to their perpetual debauchery.

Slow Dance producer Rudy Willingham cranked out a mix of pulsing frat party beats and futuristic death bangers on RIA, and emcee Murder Dice (Aaron Greene) played the part of working class party monster. Since then, the duo has evolved on both fronts. Their self-released follow-up Hunks (out today) is described as "Yacht Rap" on Bandcamp, and though the production still hits hard when it needs to (like on "Serious Danger"), it's mostly saxophone-and-lounge-guitar-ed up to make good on the yacht rock rap promise. Murder Dice is even more entertaining this time around, and changes course with the pull of the music. He begins the album with the line "I want to fuck you / and take all of your money," then shifts mood later in the same song ("Juicin'") with "Shorty can't eat no books / so shorty became a crook." His cadences are tight (check the brilliant "USSR"), even when he's singing at the top of his lungs, and over-sharing like a spiked punch-chugging ex-model at the marina social ("Barbizon").

The feel of the album is similar to drinking off a hangover from risking it all the night before, but rather than succumb to the looming mid-day nap, Slow Dance keep slugging dockside martinis, like the champions they are.

Stream Hunks after the jump, or download it here.