What we need are more great electronic shows in Georgetown. Right? This one here—the first edition of a new experimental-music monthly called Elevator, and run by Kirsten Thom and Matty McBride—is a positive step in that direction. Rene Hell (aka Minneapolis musician Jeff Witscher) ranks as one of the country's foremost proponents of beautifully decadent ambient music. On albums like 2010's Porcelain Opera, he carried the legacy of Coil's diseased symphonies to all tomorrow's dank dungeons. Last year's Vanilla Call Option on PAN opts for disjointed, pointillist, and metallic abstractions that recall Ryoji Ikeda and Iannis Xenakis—and machinery going haywire. These jittery, disorienting tracks hit like ice picks to your brain. Raica (producer/DJ/Further Records co-owner Chloe Harris) has become one of Seattle's most interesting creators of gloomy, cold-blooded electronic music. Her new cassette on Further, Motorsatz, contains 60 minutes of scary-ass, isolationist synth fuckery that has that early-'70s German feel, in the foreboding vein of Kluster, Schnitzler, Seesselberg. With Haniwa Horse. Machine House Brewery, 8 pm, $10, all ages.