Police received reports of what may be another hate crime right here on Capitol Hill late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, according to the SPD Blotter and Seattlepi.com:

Police say a mixed-raced man was beaten and kicked after a suspect made racial slurs about him.

The 22-year-old victim was with a group of friends in the 700 block of East Pike Street about 2 a.m. Sunday. A stranger came up to victim, made degrading comments about his race, then starting beating him.

The suspect knocked the victim to the ground. Other people joined and began kicking him. Police say they don’t know whether the people who joined in even knew the suspect.

Jesus. According to the police blotter, the victim lost a tooth in the attack.

Adrian Ryan just wrote about drag performer Ade Connere being attacked near Capitol Hill two weekends ago, which was at least the fifth high-profile alleged hate crime in the area since last spring. No wonder the Q Patrol—now called "OutWatch Patrol"—is gearing up again.

SPD says this is an "open and active investigation" and that anyone with any information on the incident, including anonymous tips, should call 911.