This Week in Minimum Wage News


"In Chicago this Tuesday, a $15-an-hour minimum wage for large employers won with a stunning 87 percent of the vote on election night. Whoa."

On an advisory referendum that means nothing and does nothing.
@1 Yup, that was edited within four seconds of prematurely pressing publish. Oh, Slog cache! Why do you torture me so?
Murray doesn't enforce laws. He just fellates law enforcement.
I dont know. An referendum involving all of your constituents(millions of people) passing with 87% is more than a mandate. I mean, I dont even know what to call it since mandate doesnt seem a big enough word. Demand? Does that work?
@1, It might be an "advisory" referendum, but anything that passes with nearly 90% of the vote cannot be dismissed as "nothing". Any politician that ignores the will of 87% of the voters will likely find themselves out of office in the next election. It might only be "advisory", but I bet the local politicians will be falling all over themselves to enact it as quickly as possible.
Yeah... who needs unions anymore, right? I mean, in the past, sure, but now that those things are laws, what good are unions? Right?
Seattle's paid sick leave: I'm a mid-level manager at a retailer. I had an employee call in sick. I asked my boss how to code the sick hours in our payroll system, and the boss told me "Oh, that's a city thing. They have to apply to the city for the money, we don't pay that."

Which I know is complete bullshit. And this not a small operation I work for, it's a national corporate-owned (non-franchise) chain with 5000 stores that should know better.
Some of the human-services workers I know make less than $15/hr. One of the unfortunate issues in this whole situation is that if the non-profits had to pay everyone at least $15/hr, they'd have to lay off people who actually help other people. I'm a hell of a lot more worried about that than if some small restaurant went out of business. The whole thing's a mess, a mess created by this cowboy culture.
@8 What good is a non-profit if their employee have to go on food stamps? Come on.
I'm a hell of a lot more worried about that than if some small restaurant went out of business.

No, of course, not because all those people that work at that small restaurant, including the evil owner, don't need their jobs. I'm not sure what world you people grow up in where profit (aka paycheck) is evil.