Brilliant folk-rock guitarist William Tyler, who’s opening for Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen tomorrow at Neumos, has a new EP, Lost Colony, coming out April 29 on Merge Records.

You can get a sneak peek of it with the 13-minute “Whole New Dude,” one of Tyler’s most aggressive tunes. This is a surging gush of refulgent 6-string beauty in an odd time signature that halts for a breather about seven minutes in, before accelerating again and flaring out into more psychedelic territory. After the 10-minute mark, things shift and billow into Neu!'s transcendent krautrock locomotion. Tyler may have reached a new peak with this electrified reworking of “Man of Oran,” which originally appeared on 2008’s Deseret Canyon LP by the Paper Hats, his former nom de musique. (This Neu! direction makes sense, as Lost Colony includes a cover of "Karussell" by that influential German group's guitarist, Michael Rother.)