Dex Amora
  • Dex Amora

Tonight, Magma Festival showcases mostly local hiphop with an empowered political focus. Among the acts, local artist Rogue Pinay's lyrics highlight "third world womyn and their resistance against imperialism and class exploitation, stories of forced migration, violence against women, downbrownqueerwomanism and revolutionary change." Important things! Twenty-year-old Minnesota transplant Dex Amora also shows an aptitude for verbiage on the single "Who I Be," from his latest mixtape, HerbsPenSoul, and confidently undertakes Seattle's underground hiphop scene with a politically poignant honesty. For those seeking jazz (*opens the floodgates*), Seattle quartet Industrial Revelation's well-executed compositions are supercharged yet smooth, effortlessly building something that spreads over you like a marshmallow pillow of highly refined jazz fusion. This talent-packed night is held across two conjoined and excellent venues, Hollow Earth Radio and 20/20 Cycle, and marks one of the last chances to support a fiercely independent internet radio station—Hollow Earth—by attending Magma Festival this month. Hollow Earth Radio and 20/20 Cycle, 7:30 pm.
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