This editorial is the first in a series. Next week, restaurant owner Dave Meinert and 15 Now activist Jess Spear debate “total compensation”—including the question of whether a restaurant worker’s tips should count toward their pay.


In case you've been asleep since November, Seattle is at the epicenter of a national debate about the crisis of inequality. Much of the debate here has centered on the costs and benefits of a $15 minimum wage, how fast to get to $15, or why $15 and not some other number.

As members of the advisory committee that will be offering recommendations to the mayor next month, we know there'll be policy options aplenty. We're hearing from all sides about the trade-offs and consequences.

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But we want to be very clear: $15 isn't just about $15. It's about recognizing what actually makes this city so special—and making a conscious effort to nurture it.

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