(King’s Hall) The winter thaw has begun, which means it’s time to crawl out of your cave (physical or mental) and once again partake in all that makes life worth living—music, beer, and food. And the second annual Penumbra Beer Bash is your one-stop party for all of it! If you haven’t already allowed yourself to fall in love with headliners Broken Water, point your internet at and allow them to transport you back to a time when you’d sit in your tapestry-covered, incensed-filled bedroom with nothing but candles lighting your face as you practice applying goth eyeliner. Also on the bill are Chastity Belt, the self-proclaimed “vagina rock” band from Walla Walla, who are the epitome of cool. Their carefree and loose lo-fi pop is effortless but completely captivating. And Dude York, the Shivas, and NighTraiN will be there, too! As will beer—over 25 different Northwest craft beers, in fact, and the $25 ticket price includes seven “tasting tokens” so you can sample a variety of them. Welcome back to the land of the living. MEGAN SELING
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(Showbox at the Market) If you’re a fan of heavy music in 2014, chances are you’ve learned to be at least somewhat skeptical of reunions from once influential icons across the various genres. The numerous letdowns throughout the years have undoubtedly beaten you down, and likely dulled your expectations and excitement. In the case of Carcass, these fears were completely shot down with the release of their stellar return to form release, 2013’s Surgical Steel, their first in 17 years. Add a supporting slot from Canadian mind-benders Gorguts and you’ve got yourself a dream tour straight out the ’90s. With Noisem and the Black Dahlia Murder. KEVIN DIERS
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JPLS (Jeremy Jacobs) came to my attention through my infatuation with Richie Hawtin’s M-nus label. In the mid ’00s, the Chicago-born producer’s cuts began appearing on comps like min2MAX and EXPANSION | contraction, and his contributions fit right in with M-nus’ severely stripped-down yet groovy reductionist-techno aesthetic. His predilection for oddball percussion tics and zany timbres makes lends this cerebral brand of dance music and charming quirkiness. But he sometimes ditches the slapstick effects for very serious lab-coated minimal techno that’s dying to soundtrack dystopian sci-fi flicks, as his 2009 album The Depths proves. If you dig JPLS, you’ll probably sweat out a few pounds to Skoozbot (Brian Connelly), too. His bare-bones techno carries a madcap sense of adventure, usually keeping the pace brisk enough to give you a strenuous cardio workout. With Miss Shelrawka, Sone, and John Massey. DAVE SEGAL
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