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  • Tacocat

Congratulations, everyone, on making it through March. Not everyone could take it. Emily Nokes, standing there in the middle of that photo, couldn't take it. She had to leave. One day she was here, right as right, fit as a fiddle, running The Stranger's music section; next thing we knew, she "had to" go on tour with her band, Tacocat, down into the warmer parts of the country, like to Texas and everything, and she's still out there, somewhere, eating guacamole as I type. She doesn't come back for two more whole weeks. The rest of us, obviously, are in a different "boat." Two days into March, my raincoat gave up—just reversed on me, changed its mind, started sponging up everything. According to the record books, this is Seattle's third-wettest March ever, out-soaked only by March of 1950 and some March in the '70s.

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