Do It For Denmark


"And, hey, who says two men can't make a baby?"

People who aren't completely detached from reality?

Seems like they are grasping at straws.

Want to know why the Danish birth rate is at an all-time low?

Read this:…
Yes, yes, it's a good ad but I'm still pissed at them for the way they run their zoos.
Sure two men can make a baby. One provides the sperm and the other hires the surrogate. No different than straight couples who have to use egg or sperm donors to make a baby.
I guess opening up immigration would be asking too much.
You know who else handed out prizes for having babies?
Advertisement for a Danish tourism company...
I'm feeling bad for the older couples in this advert. Way to marginalize senior sex, Denmark!
You don't boost your birthrate by getting people to have sex, you boost your birthrate by making parenthood economically feasible. Denmark would be much better served by spending this money on subsidized daycare, expanded maternity leave, or better education.
@1: As Dan said, the same people who say "Anything is possible for God!"
@9 — It's actually sort of the opposite though. Generally the poorer the country (and higher the mortality rate) the higher the birthrate. Denmark is an extremely prosperous country with a huge social safety net, both in terms of health and welfare. Considering there are already too many people in the world as it is, we need to work on helping other, poorer countries develop societies that serve and protect their citizens so that they too don't feel the pressing need to have enormous families.
@11 - it's called the household theory of fertility. The more education women are afforded, the more they can earn, and the more stable their lives, the fewer children they tend to have.

That's not to say that the end result of that is large swaths of women having zero children, and the way to get women in highly-developed societies to have two or three IS making maternity *financially* feasible. That said, I don't know what Denmark could do on that front. Work schedules are flexible, maternity and child care is affordable, maternity and paternity leave is generous, and parenting is treated as a team effort. Sometimes societal preferences can't be budged through policy, and, who knows, maybe they're just seeing a "waiting" preference given a slightly shaky economic recovery.
There are already so many people that the earth might not be able to support us all in a generation or two. Shouldn't we all be happy if the birthrate is going down in some places? I mean, it'll hurt for a while, but it seems like a good thing in the long run.
If anyone bothered to watch the video, you would see that it's an ad for a travel company. Apparently that was lost on the Stranger staff too.
Heaven forbid they encourage immigration rather than pumping out more babies... ;)
April fools? That's what this is, right?