Here Is a Breitbart Writer's First Response to Fort Hood Shooting


If it turns out Lopez isn't Muslim, the Breitbart guy would just say the same thing about Latinos.
If there is even one more child molested, it is then time for Americans to start slaughtering Christians in the streets, all of them.
If Dollard is in or goes to Florida, anyone who is a Muslim or might be mistaken for a Muslim can legally stand their ground and shoot him, right?
These fucking people. It's like they somehow discovered the exact opposite of brain matter, then loaded their thick skulls with heaps of it.
Inciting violence is a crime still, right? Patrick Dollard should be in custody soon over this, yes?
Poor little dullard....
People like Dollard don't deserve to live in a civilized society. Is this one of those home-schooled dimwits, who never had a civics or citizenship class?

For anyone who doesn't believe there's a powerful undertow of fascism in this country, I give you... Breitbart!
From his wiki page:

"In late September 2012, more than six weeks before the presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Dollard advocated violent insurrection against the United States government, tweeting, 'If you are not armed and ready to kill in the event of a stolen election this year you do not deserve your country.'"
Dollard certainly is a dimwit, but homeschoolers, as a rule, are not. (Individual results may vary.)
Hey, Patrick Dollard, remember this?

I don't see no Americans. I see trespassers, Irish harps. If only I had the guns, Mr. Tweed, I'd shoot each and every one of them Irish before they set foot on American soil.

-Bill the Butcher

I have a better solution, gun control + keeping the mentally ill away from firearms. If that doesn't work, shoot all young males in the US, with a couple million middle age males, just to make sure.
@7 It's not the lack of a particular course of study that hurts homeschoolers, it's the empty suit bullies not getting the crap kicked out of them on the playground that makes them sociopaths as adults.
If only there had been good guys with guns on that military base--oh, yeah, right.
Dollard is a dream come true for an actual, real-life terrorist. What he recommends is EXACTLY the response they would hope for. He and his low IQ ilk are water carriers for the extremists.
Well I'm for getting that nut Dollard off the street or at least stuffing a sock in his yap.
Mr. Dollard had best hope no one takes his words to heart and kills someone. If they do, he might be charged with incitement.

Just kill all adults. What could go wrong?
@13- Actually military bases don't have a lot of people walking around armed, or they're not supposed to at least. You only have your weapon when you're training with it, otherwise it's safely locked up. I believe personal arms are also supposed to be safely locked up.
Muslim terrorists are not America's biggest enemy, people like this asshole are. The Patriot Act is the biggest victory Bin Laden could have ever hoped for. The point of terrorism is to destroy the enemy from within by inciting irrational fears leading to people turning on each other. Like the GOP. Another terrorist organization.

We have tens of thousands of mentally ill people walking around armed to the teeth. They even have a national organization to further their paranoid delusions. We have other mentally ill people who are not violent but have violence perpetrated against them by law enforcement and ignorant and also mentally ill citizens. Such citizens also have their own national political party that furthers their delusions and paranoia. It's really a miracle that there aren't more shootings every single day all around the country. Bodies should be stacked like cordwood on every town square. It will take that happening to get people off their asses and to the polls to put an end to guns everywhere, for everybody. Nothing short of that will move the needle.
As someone who works a block from where the Fort Hood shooting took place...

This guy is the one who should be shot in the fucking street.
Time to start shooting white men, right? First Timothy McVeigh, then those Hutaree nutjobs, now this? Unacceptable, one thousand years dungeon!
I agree. My brother is a Marine and I've visited him on several Army/Navy/Marine bases (Marines are often rotated through other bases for various reasons). I can't speak as to what they're stashing in their desk drawers, but carrying sidearms on their person appeared to be very rare.