The Washington State Department of Health would like to let you know that "a person who was confirmed with measles traveled to several western Washington public locations while contagious" last week. From their news release:

The woman traveled to Seattle for a Kings of Leon concert at Key Arena on March 28, when she also was at the Best Western Loyal Inn and the Wasabi Bistro. The next day, she was at Beth’s Café, Aurora Suzuki, Starbucks at First and Pike, and the Pike Place Market. On those same dates she visited several locations in Pierce County, including Celebrity Cake Studio, LeMay Car Museum, Harmon Brewing Company, and some department stores. A complete list of the locations and the times of potential public exposure are available online.

This was also, as Slog Tipper Joe Szilagyi writes, "day 1 of Emerald City Comic Con with 80,000+ people downtown and in/near the Market, from nationwide and internationally."

The health department reminds you that most people are immune to measles because they've been vaccinated. But if you haven't been vaccinated or if you're not sure, you are instructed to contact a health care professional if you were in any of those locations at those times, especially if you start to show symptoms of measles, described as "an illness with fever or unexplained rash."

REALLY ACTUALLY DO IT, PEOPLE. As the health department points out, measles is really contagious: "If you're not vaccinated, you can get the measles just by walking into a room where someone with the disease has been in the past couple of hours."

Also: Get vaccinated, vaccinate your children, etc.