On Monday, I told you about OKCupid's stand against Mozilla's new CEO, who contributed to California's anti-gay-marriage proposition. Today, that CEO is out, according to Re/Code:

Brendan Eich, the well-known techie who has gotten swept up in a controversy about his support of California’s anti-gay marriage law Proposition 8, is resigning as CEO of for-profit Mozilla Corporation and also from the board of the nonprofit foundation which wholly owns it.

Mozilla published the news on their blog:

Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves.

We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.

That's a classy apology. Maybe I'll give Mozilla's Firefox browser another try.