The Anal Examination of Uganda


Historically, lesbianism hasn't a major concern for despots as the condition can be "remedied" by force. A woman's enjoyment or interest in sex is irrelevant to them.

While tens of thousands of gay men were imprisoned by the Nazis, very few women were imprisoned for homosexuality, and they would be categorized with the catch-all black triangle as "asocial."
Physical examination for scientific signs of homosexuality goes at least as far back as mid-19th century France and the state's forensic expert, Amboise Tardieu. The state linked criminality to homosexuality, and figured if they could identify the homosexuals, they could identify the criminals before they committed crimes. Even at the time his ideas were laughed at, but they remain influential in some parts of the world, including Africa (Egypt is another).

And similar to other former British colonies (Singapore, Malaysia and I believe India too, for example), lesbianism isn't outlawed. I'm not entirely sure but I have been told it had to do with "wasting seed" or some such.

Amnesty International has condemned the use of physical exams to link someone to homosexuality. Obviously not everyone is on the same page.
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@3, former british colonies didn't outlaw lesbianism for the same reason England didn't. Colonies adopted the British laws, and since Queen Victoria didn't believe women would do that she refused to sign a law that outlawed homosexuality. Instead, the law was changed to outlaw buggery.

The things you learn in law school (in Canada, currently still a British colony)
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