Police Beat: A Long Bulge In His Pants


Charles Mudede trying to work his way into playing the Borscht Belt.
Officer Luckie finds a guy with a long bulge down the front of his pants? There's a porn in there somewhere...

Unbuckle the belt to reach around and pinch the Jacques Derrier.
"I named my right thigh Christmas and my left thigh New Years. Why don't you come up and visit me between the holidays?"

-the actor who played the air traffic controller in Airplane said that on stage when appearing in Kentucky Fried Theater's multi-media comedy shows in LA in about 1975
@2 that was my first thought. I bet he's hearing a ton of bad jokes right now.
Thanks for this Charles.

It's not quite clever enough to be an April Fools prank, even though Luckie found what looked like a real-looking sheriff's badge in his wallet, but it was just a Junior Yellowstone Ranger badge.
A group of black males committing crimes? I'm shocked.
You too can own your very own junior yellowstone ranger badge for $10, shipped from Hong Kong. Although difficult to read through the average peephole, it's probably enough to get someone to open a door to inquire further. Good thing these misguided youths would never do a home invasion.