Dollar Diplomacy: Hey look, Boeing is going to export spare airplane parts to Iran.

Obama Taking Executive Action on Equal Pay: Hurrah! Two executive orders will a) stop contractors from retaliating against employees who share salary information with each other and b) force them to report wage data, including disparities along racial or gender lines, to the government.

Not Too Late to Apologize: For the Iraq war, South African apartheid resister Desmond Tutu points out. Violence has surged in Iraq this year and today, at least 11 people were killed in attacks by gunmen.

Bullshit On One Side: In his column today titled "Fanaticism on both sides of gay-rights issue," the Seattle Times' Danny Westneat attempts to draw an equivalency between bigoted Boy Scouts and the Mozilla Foundation, which forced out its CEO for being bigoted.

But Wait, There's More From Our Beloved Conservative Daily! Dominic dismantles the editorial board's opposition to Proposition 1—vote for it, people—which would fund Metro buses that nobody ever relies on to get to work or anything.

Breaking the 2 Degrees Celsius Ceiling: The UN's new climate change report says temperatures are on track to rise to levels that would "sharply raise risks to food and water supplies and could trigger irreversible damage, such as a meltdown of Greenland's ice."

Great News! One outlet has it on deeply authoritative record that increasingly, men are being pressured into accepting realistic standards—unretouched photos, fewer rail-thin models—of female beauty.

Twentieth Anniversary of Genocide in Rwanda: The country's long-serving head of state, Paul Kagame, accused France last month of a "direct role ... in the political preparation of genocide and participation in its execution." Kagame has his own critics, including Paul Rusesabegina, the hotel manager made famous by the movie Hotel Rwanda. Hear Rusesabegina reflect on the genocide on where Rwanda stands today here.

Keeping the Pressure On: Immigrants and their supporters held rallies across the country yesterday demanding President Obama advance immigration reform and stop a record-breaking spree of deportations. NPR walks us through the border—the cranky landowners, the Border Patrol agents, the vibrant people who live on both sides, and the people who risk everything to make it across—here.

The rivalry that keeps on giving: