I'm surprised R&B singer Ms. Little Esther Phillips ain't better remembered for her run of EIGHT top ten sides from 1950, the 1966 Atlantic label sizzler "Just Say Goodbye," or her Grammy nominated song "Home Is Where the Hatred Is." Seriously, I dunno why pop culture has let her sweet voice become a forgotten voice, but if it was up to me, if I had to pick ONE song to hang her legacy on, it'd be this undeniable MONSTER jam, "Mo Jo Hannah!!"

Henry Lumpkin was the first to record "Mo Jo Hannah" (Motown, 1962). I don't think the song charted nationally, but it became an R&B standard; I've heard versions by Larry Williams, Betty Harris, Tami Lynn, Elkie Brooks, Marvin Gaye, Stoneground, and Motown/VIP label group the Underdogs. Every other version is good, but none have the fire of Esther's.