(Barboza) Jesus Hellcat Christ, Factory Floor are some monomaniacal mofos. Luckily, the British trio’s monomania results in tracks that plunge the tension knife into your brain and twist it in the best minimal-rock tradition. Sonic descendents of cutthroat synth punks Suicide and brittle Finnish techno brutes Pan Sonic, Factory Floor have gone a bit sleeker and less abrasive on their 2013 self-titled album for DFA. They still value repetition, as you might expect from a band with “Factory” in their name, but the new full-length allows for a wider and more festive range of percussive timbres and a sliver of Liquid Liquid-esque warehouse funk. “Turn It Up” even has those trademark stuttering ’80s electro synths. Yes, the influence of Chris & Cosey’s subtly morbid and erotic electro convulsions infiltrates Factory Floor’s approach, but they do it very well—so well, FF’s Nik Void collaborated with C&C on the 2012 LP Carter Tutti Void. Might as well borrow from the masters. With DVA Damas. DAVE SEGAL
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(Vera) In the highly saturated world of saccharine-coated pop punk, Vinnie Caruana is a true forefather. The Alternative Press-featured buzz bands of today like the Wonder Years, Four Year Strong, Man Overboard, and even current tour mates Diamond Youth have Vinnie and his first band, the Movielife, to thank for blurring the lines between hardcore and pop punk, tossing the breakdown-heavy songwriting style of hardcore with the heart-on-sleeve writing style of say, Blink-182, creating what writer Sergeant D refers to as “easycore.” Though not nearly as influential, his current band I Am the Avalanche doesn’t stray far from the sing-along-ready style of yesteryear. With Turnovers. KEVIN DIERS
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