I met Andy Fife for the first time last night and was so charmed that within minutes I wanted to give him a hug and my wallet, so those of you familiar with him are probably bouncing off the walls with excitement right now. The Vera Project is bringing him on board as their new Interim Executive Director, a 4-month position that will help them implement changes in management structure, policy, and practice.

Why do they need an interim executive director? Because The Vera Project has big plans. From the press release:

We are making this investment to support Vera’s people, programs, and policies, as we pursue our mission to support youth-driven engagement in music + art. Vera’s new strategic plan calls for us to make new investments in leadership and structure in order to pursue opportunities and address challenges as we grow Vera’s public service, its reach, and its economic performance. An interim executive with an extensive management and leadership background will allow us to assess need and opportunity within the organization, identify critical areas for development and implement those changes. The board believes that this choice is the best short-term investment we can make to meet all of Vera’s long-term needs and build towards realizing all of our potential.

Andy, who has worked for Consolidated Works, SIFF, and Shunpike, has a stellar background in Seattle arts and working with non-profit organizations. Check out this interview to find out more about teenage Andy's music preferences, and what he wants to bring to The Vera Project. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS AWESOME.