While they're not exactly on par with "kawaii metal" strangeness of Babymetal, Estonian rock band Winny Puhh MIGHT just rival Babymetal for WTF?!?! That said, if you can stand it, please watch this clip of their ridiculous, and upside down, stab for a spot in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. They didn't place.

If you want you watch them playing for reals then dig this live clip of "Nuudlid" filmed during last year's Festival Rock Summer 25. Here they look legit AND they're playing in the crowd, proper punk house show style. As for their studio action well, it's mostly novelty like this uh, hip hop/Euro/ska piss take (I think) track "Peegelpõrand." Winny Puhh have been playing since 1993, so says teh internet. Europe can be a very odd place.