ELICIA SANCHEZ Dont threaten her with a good time.
  • Courtesy Elicia Sanchez
  • ELICIA SANCHEZ Don't threaten her with a good time.

I felt like I had to meet Elicia Sanchez after she invited me to her show, Wine Shots, because the email she sent was so funny. I had coffee with her this week, and she's definitely one of the greatest people I've met in Seattle so far (no pressure, everyone else). She missed our Suggest calendar deadline by a few days, but I still think everyone should go to this show, so I asked her for a brief interview.

Sanchez has been performing comedy for almost 4 years...maybe. "I'm not sure if my first few months of telling bad jokes about Victoria's Secret being racist for 2 minutes at a comedy club every Monday night should count or not." She hosts a number of regular shows; she's not only putting in the work, but she's both appreciative and aware of the type of comedy scene Seattle has cultivated. "I LOVE Seattle. When I first moved here about 8 years ago, the comedy scene was amazing. I remember when I could pay $5 (or get in for free if a friend was working the door) to see Reggie Watts perform at the the Capitol Hill Arts Center on a week day. Or the first time I saw Hari Kondabolu at one of my first comedy shows in Seattle and it changed my life! One time I went to a free show upstairs in The Capitol Club (RIP) and ended up in a sing-along with the rest of the audience to the Muppet Babies theme with Ron Funches. A lot of our local heroes have moved on and done great things, but Seattle is still a funny city." More than anything, Sanchez likes the mix of "storytellers, joke tellers, and just weird and wacky shit that is awesome."

  • Courtesy Elicia Sanchez

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Wine Shots was born out of that weird, wacky attitude. "It's a comedy show about guilty pleasures for the discerning adult, and a mix of things my co-producers (fellow comedians Sarah Skilling and Jennifer Burdette)
and I openly love." Each show features a closing musical performance by Seattle's premiere all-female Michael Bolton cover band, Lightning Bolton, and of course, drinking shots of white wine, which they hand out to the audience for free at the top of every show. This promises to be a great night!

The next Wine Shots is this Sunday, April 13, at 8pm in The Grotto in The Rendezvous. The cover is $5 and the wine shots are free!

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