I heard his sounds from a distance. A diffusion of Phantom organ through the air, drafting in and out of audibility. Walking north on Broadway the sounds grew, then there he was, in front of Seattle Central. Masked and solitary. Playing melodica. A tube fed into his mouth through the mouth of the mask. He was going to introduce himself, but he couldn’t speak well with the tube stuck in his maw. Midnight Crawler seemed like a fitting name for the occasion. Earlier, I'd seen Italo-disco maestro Alexander Robotnick's highly danceable DJ set at Barboza, which began with Harold Faltermeyer's Beverly Hills Cop "Axel F" theme. Afterwards, next door, when I left TMRW Party, they were playing Nazareth's (Now You're Messin' with a Son of a Bitch) "Hair of the Dog." I asked the Night Crawler what the inspiration behind his piece was, and he tied in Michael Jackson and a “contingency.” Here is a 1:08 video of the encounter.