I was following this Bundy Ranch story over the weekend, and I just don't know what to make of it. A bunch of gun-nut Republicans gathered to threaten government agents, and conservative sites are giddy about the news? But what sites like Breitbart refuse to mention is that the gun-nuts weren't defending Cliven Bundy's "life and property." Nor were they protecting America from tyranny. Sounds to me like they were helping a welfare queen continue to suckle at the Big Government Teat.

As I understand it, Bundy's cattle have been grazing on government land for two decades now. If true, that's trespassing. The government estimates that Bundy owes them over a million dollars for his use of public land. If those claims are true, that's thievery. And not just any thievery, but the kind of thievery that gets conservatives really upset—stealing money from the Sainted American Taxpayer. How did Cliven Bundy manage to become a poster boy for individual liberty when his cattle are apparently living off federal lands?

This is such a screwed-up, topsy turvy bullshit argument that I can't even understand where these people are coming from. As near as I can tell, it was just an opportunity for some weekend warriors to go play-act all tough in a situation where they knew they wouldn't face any real repercussions. And as a bonus, they got to throw a Burning Man for inbred yokels and quote the Founding Fathers a whole lot. What a bunch of stupid fucking assholes.