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Dear Mr. Klotz,

Thank you for your support of my campaign for city council, your interest in progressive change in Seattle, and for reaching out with your concerns about minimum wage during the campaign. I would like to address several of the concerns raised in your letter in last week's Stranger.

1. Let's stand together and push back against big business and the super-wealthy

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In your recent letter, you suggest that I have been unwilling to engage in discussion with small-business owners. I would respectfully say this has not been the case. As part of my effort to raise wages, I’ve listened to the ideas of a great many Seattleites, including hundreds of small-business owners. I’ve done this as an individual council member, and in multiple forums as part of both the Mayor’s Task Force on Income Inequality and the city council’s Select Committee on Income Inequality. I have had small businesses visit me in my office at City Hall, both individually and as part of delegations from groups such as the Seattle Restaurant Alliance and the Greater Seattle Business Association. I have engaged in numerous informal conversations with small-business owners. I will continue to listen respectfully with an open mind to their ideas and concerns. My door has always been open and it remains so.


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