Just like YOU, I hate all them dumb ass Buzzfeed™ surveys*, but as a record nerd and (maybe) a music snob, I took a punt with this particular survey: "How Much Of A Music Snob Are You?"

I know shouldn't have wasted my time, but DUH, why wouldn't I want teh internet to tell me exactly why I'm a such jerk about music? Turns out, having NEVER purchased a digital music file, much less given a single shit about whether the file was FLAC, "loaded my phone with new songs before a party," or gone to Cochella (?!). My "score" was a meek 52. I reckon, at least in present day music snob-dom, I don't really rate.

*Yeah, I know all'a y'all prolly took this is "survey" yesterday. Gah...SORRY!!