Earlier today, Sacramento rockers Tera Melos released a music video for their song "Slimed" from one of my favorite releases of last year, X'ed Out. It really makes no sense at all, and it is totally radical. Does the water symbolize their creative energy? What cow and dragon characters are they wearing on their heads? Are Tim and Eric behind the masks? Seems like something they'd be into. My favorite part is obviously toward the end, when the two guys submerge themselves and walk through the pool so it looks like the puppet/masks are walking on water. Also, it's one of TM's most rocking songs. Stay weird, guys!

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Also today, the world got a taste of the next album from Atlanta stoner-metal gods Mastodon—called Once More Around the Sun—when the single "High Road" went live on the internet. I can't figure out how to embed the dang thing, so stream it on their website for now.

My take after a few listens is that the lead-in, riffs, and verse vocals are awesome and crunchy, but, to quote one Soundcloud commenter, I'm "Not feeling the chorus." SPIN says drummer Brann Dailor is responsible for the singing on those arena-rock parts, and given his songwriting history with the band, I'm not surprised. His voice, and overall taste for things beyond the kit are traditionally just too clean and uplifting to match the rest of the band's grit. The guitar on the bridge is also a more simplistic play off the root than we're used to from such visionaries, and it doesn't do much for the track. I guess my expectations are pretty damn high for these dudes.